The World Orchid Conference Trust




The Trustees



The World Orchid Conference Trust (‘WOC Trust’) was established in 1988 by the American Orchid Society and the Royal Horticultural Society. Responsibility for the Trust’s management rests with 5 trustees; the patron organisations each nominate 2 members, the fifth trustee being the Appleby Trust (Bermuda) Ltd who sit as professional trustee. 


The current trustees are: 




Mr Johan Hermans (RHS)




Liz Johnson (RHS)



sandra tillisch svoboda

Sandra Tillisch Svoboda (AOS)




Alec Pridgeon 


Dr. Alec Pridgeon (AOS)





 Appleby Trust (Bermuda) Ltd




Mrs Sandra Tillisch Svoboda succeeded Mr Johan Hermans as the President of the World Orchid Conference Trust at the closing of the 21st WOC in Johannesburg.

Mr Peter Furniss retired from the Trust on 17th August 2014 after more than 20 years' service.

Dr Kiat Tan retired from the Trust on 15th September 2014 and is replaced by Sandra Tillisch Svoboda, nominated by the American Orchid Society.

Mr Robert Fuchs retired from the Trust in 2016 and is replaced by Dr. Alec M. Pridgeon.