The World Orchid Conference Trust




The Trust's Responsibilities



The World Orchid Conference Trust was established by its settlors, the American Orchid Society and the Royal Horticultural Society, to ensure the maintenance of the highest standards through successive World Orchid Conferences. 


The purpose of the Trust is the encouragement and improvement of the science, art, and practice of orchid growing throughout the world, and the increase of study and knowledge of orchids.


The Trustees' aims are to:-

  • Secure the continuity and the transfer of experience from each event to the next.
  • Assess, select, appoint and confirm suitable candidate countries and organisations to hold World Orchid Conferences.
  • Monitor the progress of events.
  • Support local organizers through the expertise of the Trustees, the IOC, and other relevant resources.
  • Assist with the promotion of events.
  • Support orchid conservation, research, and nomenclature through the IOC.

While the long and arduous work entailed in staging each conference is undertaken wholly by local orchid groups and their enthusiastic supporters, the final responsibility for the series of World Orchid Conferences rests with the Trustees of the World Orchid Conference Trust, established for that purpose jointly by the American Orchid Society and the Royal Horticultural Society.


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