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Rapee Sagarik - Citation

It is a great privilege to award the World Orchid Conference Trust Medal to Professor Rapee Sagarik; I have known Prof. Sagarik for many years and we meet up regularly at various places around the world; it is always a special moment when he shares his observations of orchids and orchid people, increasingly via email.


Rapee is not just the 'Father of Thai Orchidology'; his wisdom extends much further into horticulture, agriculture, and philosophy. His experience extends over almost a century; he has been Chancellor of the Kasetsart University, spoken at numerous conferences, was instrumental in starting the now famous Asia Pacific Orchid Conferences, led the 9th World Orchid Conference in Thailand in 1978, he has received great Royal recognition in Thailand and has been awarded numerous honours and medals from round the world, including the AOS Gold Medal. Most importantly, he is a great educator and shares his knowledge freely through many articles, lectures, and books.


With many congratulations


Johan Hermans

Johannesburg, September 2014