The World Orchid Conference Trust




The International Orchid Committee

(formerly the International Orchid Commission)



The IOC is a respected international group advising on issues that concern the orchid world with emphasis on orchid nomenclature, conservation, research, and World Orchid Conferences.

The pdf documents below provide a fuller overview of the Committee's activities.


IOC Members at 14 November 2011


Minutes of Meeting held on 14 November 2011, Singapore


The Trustees are indebted to the current Chair of the IOC, Alec Pridgeon, for the compilation of a list of genera accepted in Genera Orchidacearum, Volumes 1-5, which is offered below as a pdf format download for reference purposes. This may be particularly useful for those involved in the judging process.


 GO genera June 2012


Genera Orchidacearum, edited by Alec M. Pridgeon, Phillip Cribb, Mark W. Chase, and Finn N. Rasmussen, is published by Oxford University Press. A 6th and final volume is to be available shortly.